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Virgin of the Burning Bush


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Virgin of the Burning Bush (Gottesmutter desBrennendenDornBush) (The Burning Bush is perceived as an image and prefiguration of the Annunciation. For like the bush that burned without being consumed, Mary conceived by the fire of the Holy Ghost. She contained the divine logos, while remaining intact as a Virgin.), depicted with the Heavenly Host of Angels, the symbols of the Four Evangelists and the four corners, Moses and the Burning Bush, the Coal of Isaiah, Jacob’s Dream, and Ezekiel in the Closed Fort with the Lord Sabaoth in the clouds above, and in the outer borders, Ss. Ulita and Kirik, Nicholas the Miracleworker, Vlasii, John the Warrior, Elizabeth and Nifonti. Russian icon, Moscow School, circa 1800, (26½ x 22½ cm).

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